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A strong parent-teacher partnership can have numerous benefits for the overall development and success of a child.

Parent-Teacher Partnership: Fostering a Collaborative Learning Experience

At Tribe Early Learning, the connection between our educators and parents is one of our main focuses. We believe a strong parent teacher partnership between families and early childhood educators leads to healthier, happier kids.

In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of parent-teacher partnerships and the various ways we foster collaboration between our educators and parents.


Benefits of a Collaborative Partnership Between Parents and Early Childhood Educators

Benefits of a strong parent teacher relationship include:

  • Helps improve learning outcomes
  • Studies show that parent involvement in their child’s early education program leads to continued involvement throughout their child’s education and positively affects their child’s development and success
  • May help encourage a lifelong love of learning for your child
  • Ensures children feel adequately supported, both in the classroom and at home
  • Helps extend teaching outside of the classroom and makes it easier to reinforce the concepts they’ve learned
  • Creates a more positive learning experience for children
  • Keeps parents in the loop and helps them play an active role in their child’s education
  • Helps parents know where to provide additional support in their child’s development process


How We Foster A Parent-Teacher Partnership at Tribe Early Learning

Here are seven ways we build parent-educator relationships at Tribe Early Learning.


1. We Prioritise Parent Feedback

There is no better expert on your child than you. We’re just here to support you in helping your child thrive.

Parent feedback is incredibly important to us as it helps us build a classroom environment that feels warm, welcoming, safe, and fun to children. We always encourage feedback from parents and make a point to check in with families often.

Your opinions, feedback, suggestions, concerns, and thoughts are valuable to us and we always take the time to listen openly to families.


2. We Provide Useful Resources

Another way we aim to strengthen the parent-educator bond is by making useful resources available to parents.

We do this through our blogour FAQs page, and complementary activities that you can incorporate at home to help support your child’s progress. If you need additional support or resources regarding your child’s early learning education, we’re always available for questions.


3. We Encourage Parent Involvement

When you drop your child off at our early learning centre, you’ll always be greeted in a friendly manner. We know each parent by name and care about both your child and your entire family.

We make a point to keep parents involved in a variety of ways, including:

  • Organising parental involvement in various projects, meetings, events, and centre activities
  • Inviting parents to tour our early learning facilities and get to know the staff
  • Keeping parents involved through in-person meetings as needed
  • Creating a welcoming, supportive environment where parents feel comfortable getting involved in their child’s early learning experience


4. We Keep Parents Informed

We know families want to know what their child is up to during the day, how their child is doing, and what their child is learning. Getting a peek at what your child is up to can give you peace of mind, keep you connected to their education, and reassure you that they are doing well.

Whether you want videos or pictures of your child, want a quick text during the day to check-in, or prefer to check your child’s progress on a digital platform, we get to know what makes each family feel at ease and the best way to keep you in the loop.

Staying informed on some of the details of your child’s day also helps spark conversations at home to keep you connected with your child. For instance, rather than vague questions such as, “How was your day?” you can ask your child specific questions that relate to what we did that day.

Day care is a great big step for young kids as they take the plunge into exploring more of what the world can offer.
Day care is a great big step for young kids as they take the plunge into exploring more of what the world can offer.

5. We Maintain Strong Communication

Effective communication is a non-negotiable aspect of developing a strong parent teacher relationship. We maintain clear, open communication at all times.

We make a point to always respond to inquiries, emails, and phone calls promptly. Your concerns, thoughts, and questions are important to us.

We utilise multiple channels of communication to ensure you can easily stay in touch with us and keep track of your child’s progress and well-being. Whether you prefer email, phone calls, in-person meetings, or texts, we’ll work with you to communicate in the ways that are most convenient and helpful to you.


6. We Build a Meaningful Relationship

We strive to build a meaningful relationship with each parent we work with. We do this by treating every family with respect and creating a foundation built on trust.

Our goal is to create an environment that feels welcoming to both you and your child. We want parents to feel free to stop by whenever they want, check in when they need to, and feel supported in their child’s early learning experience.


7. We Welcome Questions

We welcome your questions any time and want to make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with us. Whether you want to stop by in person, send us a message, or give us a call, parents are always welcome to come to us with questions, suggestions, or concerns.


Let’s Unite to Help Your Child Thrive

Developing a positive collaboration between our educators and parents is one of our highest priorities here at Tribe Early Learning.

By establishing a trusted parent-educator relationship, maintaining strong communication with parents, and prioritising parent feedback, we create an environment that nurtures your child’s interests, helps them feel safe and supported, and helps build a lifelong love of learning

We’re committed to partnering with you to help your child achieve their full potential. We measure our success through the well-being of your child. Let’s unite to help your child thrive, both intellectually and emotionally.

We are constantly trying new collaborative activities that help strengthen the bond between parents and educators to support your child’s development.

Contact Tribe Early Learning any time with questions, to learn more about our early childhood program, for a tour of our education centre, or to enrol your child.