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High-quality daycare has been shown to deliver amazing benefits for communities and for kids.

Benefits of Daycare for Different Age Groups

The benefits of daycare are well documented, but they can differ as your child develops.

From birth until they enter kindergarten, your child will experience several crucial phases of development. Each of these phases includes unique benefits and challenges as they grow.

At Tribe Early Learning Centre, we understand each of these important phases and how to meet your child’s unique development needs.


Benefits of Daycare for 6 Months Old: Nurturing Infants’ Development

Here are the top benefits and considerations for daycare for 6 months old.


1. Infant Safety and Comfort

A safe, nurturing, secure environment is paramount to daycare for 6 months old. At Tribe Early Learning, we provide an environment that revolves around love, care, one-on-one attention, and safety.

Infants need to feel comforted, safe and nurtured at all times and our caregivers are dedicated to meeting these needs.


2. Qualified Caregivers

An experienced, trained caregiver understands the unique needs of infants. From appropriate sensory stimulation to adequate sleep to a consistent feeding schedule, infants have highly sensitive needs.

Trained, nurturing caregivers can provide the support and consistency that babies need to flourish and develop.


3. Early Cognitive Stimulation

Offering a child the chance to take part in age-appropriate activities helps promote early cognitive development. Gentle interactions, sensory play, and tummy time all help your infant progress toward and meet important developmental milestones.


4. Building Trust and Attachment

Caregivers play a crucial role in fostering a strong bond with infants. This helps ensure emotional well-being and a smooth transition to daycare for both parents and children.

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Benefits of Daycare for 9 Months Old: Exploring Curiosity and Mobility

Here are some of the top benefits of daycare for 9 months old.


1. Encouraging Exploration

Babies love to explore and are filled with the desire to find out more about what is around them!

Daycare provides the ultimate space for safe exploration for curious 9-month-olds! In a safe, supervised environment, your child can develop their motor skills, practice their crawling skills, and safely explore fun, age-appropriate toys.


2. Introduction to Socialisation

At 9 months old, you may think your baby is a long way off from socialising. But early socialisation is already an important part of their development.

Daycare provides an important opportunity for your child to learn the initial steps toward social interaction. Your child can begin developing early friendships and learning social cues, all in the safety and comfort of supervised playtime.


3. Language Development Benefits

Being surrounded by trained caregivers and other children exposes your baby to important language interactions. Caregivers can encourage babbling and verbal interactions that help lay the foundation for key language skills.


4. Structured Routine

Children thrive on routines. Daycare is an excellent way to expose them to structured routines that are stimulating without being overwhelming.

At Tribe Early Learning Centre, we provide a consistent routine that includes the ideal balance of individual attention, nourishing meals, playtime, and rest.


5. Parent-Caregiver Collaboration

Parenting is the toughest job in the world. But you don’t have to do it alone.

At the Tribe Early Learning Centre, we work closely with parents to equip children with the knowledge and skills they need to reach success and lead fulfilling lives.

We’re here to be your trusted support as your child develops and grows. We collaborate with parents to ensure their child is thriving, happy, and healthy.

Together, we’ll share insights, adjust care strategies when needed, and ensure your child is growing happily and healthily.


Of all the benefits of daycare, the social and emotional advantages infants and toddlers receive are most clear.


Daycare for 1-Year-Olds: First Steps Towards Independence

Here are the benefits of daycare for 1-year-olds and how caring, quality daycare can help your child reach their developmental milestones.


1. Toddler Safe Environment

Toddlers are notorious for their ability to get into anything and everything! While this curiosity is wonderful for their development, it is crucial to provide them with a safe space to explore their interests and learn about the world around them.

We provide childproofed surroundings, constant supervision, and age-appropriate toys that cater to the curious nature of 1-year-olds while ensuring their safety and well-being.


2. Social Skills Development

Structured play and group activities help toddlers learn a wide range of important social skills. From sharing to taking turns to basic social interaction, daycare provides children with the ability to discover and develop their social skills.

From daycare to school to their first job and beyond, this healthy social foundation can benefit them now and throughout their life. It is never too early to set your child up for success.


3. Encouraging Self-Help Skills

Caregivers play a key role in teaching children simple tasks like self-feeding, hand washing, and cleaning up. This encourages a child’s sense of self-help skills and fosters independence and confidence.


4. Language Enrichment

We weave interactive storytelling, songs, and conversations throughout our daycare schedule. This focus on language enrichment contributes to vocabulary expansion and early literacy.


5. Transition Support

Are you nervous about the transition from infant care to a toddler environment? We understand the challenges of this transition and understand how to help your child navigate this change smoothly.


Daycare for 2-Year-Olds: Exploring Curiosities and Creativity

1. Creative Playtime

2-year-olds need imaginative play, art activities, and sensory experiences to stimulate their developing minds. These creative play options have a significant role in fostering a love of learning.


2. Language and Communication

Toddlers are often bursting with the desire to get their thoughts out. We incorporate various strategies to encourage verbal expression, listening skills, and meaningful conversations among toddlers.

These strategies help build a strong foundation for language and communication for your toddler.


3. Emotional Development Benefits

Being a toddler can be rough! 2-year-olds often have big emotions that they are still trying to navigate and understand.

Experienced caregivers know how to help toddlers understand and express their emotions in a supportive and understanding atmosphere.


4. Physical Activities

Structured physical activities are key for promoting the development of gross and fine motor skills.

At The Tribe Early Learning Centre, our outdoor environments are specifically designed to support nature play and exploration. We provide a safe space for kids to build motor skills, develop hand-and-eye coordination, and satisfy their natural desire to learn and explore.


5. Individualised Attention

Daycare professionals have a keen understanding of how to balance group activities with one-on-one attention. This purposeful mix of individualised attention and group activities fosters a sense of belonging and security while supporting social and personal growth.


Child care centers are designed to support the emotional needs and development of young children.


Daycare for 3-Year-Olds: Fostering Independence and Learning

1. Preparation for School

Daycare for 3-year-olds focuses on developing a wide range of age-appropriate skills. These skills translate directly to school preparation and help your child experience a smooth transition to preschool or kindergarten.


2. Cognitive Growth

We fill our daycare for 3-year-olds program with activities that encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and early math and literacy skills. We expose your child to these activities in a safe, playful setting that fosters self-confidence and cognitive growth.


3. Peer Interaction

Group play, sharing, and collaborative activities lay the foundation for meaningful friendships and social growth.

A study from a Charles Sturt University researcher found that two to three-year-old children who attended more hours in centre-based childcare were more socially competent.

We provide an atmosphere that allows your child to interact with peers independently while having the support of caring daycare professionals.


4. Structured Learning

The right balance of structured lessons and free playtime encourages a sense of routine and discipline while nurturing creativity. We plan our days to feature the ideal mix of structure and freedom so your child can satisfy their curiosity and grow a love of learning.


5. Holistic Development Benefits

Experienced, professional daycare providers support physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development in preparation for the next stages of education.

Our caregivers at The Tribe Early Learning Centre focus on holistic development so your child can grow in all aspects of their life.


Want to Learn More About Our Perth Early Childhood Care?

At the Tribe Early Learning Centre, we specialise in providing individualised attention for your precious child based on their age, personality, interests, and unique needs.

We understand the challenges and needs of each developmental phase and adapt and change our program based on your child’s current needs and interests. We want you to gain peace of mind as we work together to ensure your child is learning, developing, and growing.

From our safe, fun indoor spaces to our exciting outdoor play areas, we provide children with the chance to grow and learn in a secure, loving environment.

If you have questions about daycare for different age groups or want to learn more about our daycare programs at The Tribe Early Learning Centre, please reach out to us. Our team consists of experienced professionals with diverse ideas and a true commitment to helping your child flourish and discover a love of learning.

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