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Our early learning centre gardens promote connections between nature and people, while providing playgrounds that support the social, emotional and cognitive development

How is Tribe Early Learning Different from Other Centres?

As a busy parent with so many other responsibilities, finding quality child care should be your top priority. You may be more familiar with daycare, but an early learning centre is the best option, not only for your child but for you as well.

Tribe Early Learning is an early learning centre where your child can enjoy their initial interactions with teachers and other kids in a purposefully structured setting. The centre provides a wonderful opportunity for little learners to share, make friends, follow instructions, and discover new tools that they will need to succeed later in life.


Tribe Early Learning Centre Services

Formerly known as Success Early Learning, Tribe Early Learning is renamed and rebranded to provide bigger and better opportunities for each child, parent, and community. And how do they do that? The answer is simple: through a premium standard of early learning with the following services:


Early Learning

Children at the centre are guaranteed access to stimulating early learning experiences. Curriculums and programs are developed and designed to enrich the individual needs and interests of each child. Qualified and experienced teachers deliver lessons that children will enjoy.

As a quality learning centre, Tribe Early Learning focuses on programs that help nurture children’s relationships with their peers and teaching professionals.

To learn the necessary skills, each child should feel secure with the adult in the classroom. Our teachers do more than just watch over the young ones. They are trained to encourage engagement and have excellent emotional skills to promote curiosity in kids throughout their learning journey.


Nature-Based Education

Tribe Early Learning founders and educators believe children are naturally born with amazing potential and many capabilities. The early years are the perfect time to explore the world around them, and what better way to do that than nature-based play?

The goal is to define the learners’ relationship with nature. Scientific studies support the real-life benefits of nature-based instruction, with some scholarly articles stating that it outperforms traditional teaching methods.

Our early learning programs are designed around your child’s current needs and interests, so that they acquire knowledge and skills for future success.



Young learners enjoy discovering the world around them. That’s why Tribe Early Learning offers the opportunity to explore further through educational field trips. Pre-schoolers can visit zoos, theatres, scientific exhibitions, and so much more. They get to view beautiful artworks and performances, eat delicious food, and witness miniature worlds become larger than life. Each trip is designed to generate waves of laughter and fun.


Healthy Meal Plans

One proven step to creating the best start for children is to have healthy eating habits. Qualified cooks ensure that meals are fresh and nutritious. Above all, they are yummy and colourful, so kids are excited to take a bite.

Eating with the eyes is the basis for the children’s menu. At the same time, it is an opportunity for kids to gather around and eat and drink whilst socialising with their peers. Every mealtime is a time to interact with kids and speed up their language development.

Educators are always around to assist, but the primary goal is to create a relaxing and inviting environment. That way, kids enjoy finger foods and tasting plates whilst practising self-help skills and proper hygiene.


Gratitude Play

Tribe Early Learning is a part of the “Playing with Gratitude” action research project. The project aims to achieve the best possibilities through an early start in life. Gratitude influences well-being, and so does playing. That’s why these two are combined to create a rich, transformative ecosystem of hope and vitality.

Gratitude play enables positive changes in children’s emotional, social, and overall well-being. It is encouraged from birth up to age five.


The Locations

All Tribe Early Learning locations are fully accredited with an excellent rating in early education. Find the centres in the following areas:

  • Alkimos: At the Alkimos early education centre, children learn through play. There are many exciting opportunities to explore nature and the world around them. Learning is fun at the kindy childcare outdoor space. Nursery rooms are also available, along with other services, such as meal prep, 3-5 school readiness programs, and child-led programs.
  • Butler: For families in Butler, enrol your child at Tribe Early Learning. The services and facilities, including a child care centre, catering to young children from birth through six years old. Expect fantastic school care programs for preschool and school-age kids with the help of qualified teachers and professionals. The Butler learning centre offers field trips so kids can explore outside their classrooms.
  • Ridgewood: Expertly-prepared meals and a beautiful early learning centre await your child at Tribe Early Learning in Ridgewood. The focus here is for children to learn through everyday life experiences with the support of educators and their families. The centre works alongside parents to build a secure attachment with the learners so that they gain positive self-esteem, which is beneficial as they grow and mature.

Children can significantly benefit from early childhood care and education.


Educational Facilities for Children

As a parent, you want to be as discerning as possible when choosing an early learning centre for your child. It is highly recommended that you look at the school’s facilities, as they can influence your child’s development and overall learning process. At Tribe Early Learning, you can find the following facilities:

  • Early Learning Centre
  • Kindy Childcare Outdoor Space
  • Nursery Rooms
  • Child Care Centre

All facilities are well-designed with the health, well-being, and comfort of every child in mind. Classrooms are quiet places for kids to achieve peace and mental satisfaction. It is the only way for them to learn, concentrate, and enjoy studying without distractions.

Parents can rest assured knowing their children are in a well-ventilated place with good air quality. Every student, including those with respiratory conditions, can focus as they breathe clean and healthy air. All facilities have maximum exposure to natural light, which provides excellent benefits, such as boosting children’s morale and achieving higher academic performance.


Who Can Enroll?

Starting childcare has no minimum age requirement in Australia. That means you can enrol your little one at any age. However, your child has specific needs, which can be accommodated suitably at the right age bracket. Tribe Early Learning offers educational programs for children as young as three. A school readiness program is designed for learners from ages three to five.

Some kids rapidly adjust to changes, whilst others need a little more time and extra guidance. Regardless of age and requirements, Tribe Early Learning is the perfect venue for early education. With trained educators, beautiful facilities, and an outstanding curriculum, your child will settle quickly, enjoy learning, and thrive!