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Category: Nature Based Play

Nature-based play is not exactly a new concept. For generations, kids have gone outside to enjoy open-ended plays. They explore nature alone or with their peers, which is an activity that benefits their physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being.

Unfortunately, childhood has changed a lot. They are not like how parents like you can recall. Most of your childhood memories probably have something to do with outdoor and nature-based play. We’re talking about catching frogs and fireflies, looking for little ponds, and building stick forts.

Outdoor spaces, such as a park, a grove of trees, a preschool playscape, and other forms, are essential for learning and discovery. Children benefit from the positive and powerful impacts of nature-based play on their growth and development. Regularly letting kids enjoy active play is one of the most crucial predictors of functional adulthood. It’s a prescription to combat childhood and adulthood obesity.

Children who use playgrounds that have fields, shrubs, and trees display more creativity. They also show other positive traits and skills, including better concentration, emotional resilience, and even reduced symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. This post gives you more reasons to allow your child to participate in outdoor play.

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